4 Tips: Bye-Bye Yeast Infections!

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Up to 75% of women will experience the discomfort of a yeast infection throughout their lives. Yeast is a naturally occurring fungus which we normally associate with baked bread and beer. It’s also naturally occurring in our downstairs departments, and when yeast decides to host a party and invite all its friends, that’s when us ladies find ourselves in a sticky situation. 

Yeast infections can be caused by all manner of things including elevated estrogen levels, pregnancy, antibiotics, immune disorders, unprotected sex and more simply, what you are putting on and in your body. Itchiness and soreness as well as burning are all common symptoms. This could also include white or colourless cottage cheese discharge (or discharge, as we referred to it as in one of our past Vee blogs). 

Besides the 101 rule of peeing after sex, there are a few other simple tricks to help prevent yeast infections. By following these four tips, you’ll lower your chances of developing an infection and increase the health of your vagina. Yay. 

1. Clean using non-scented hygiene products

Remember those pH levels? Vaginas are wonderful organs who are smart enough to self-clean. Scented soaps might smell good, but they aren't paying any favours to your hoo-ha health. By using soaps or scented washes, you’re actually stripping your vagina of its natural pH balance. These perfumes and chemicals can irritate your lady bits, increasing your likelihood of contracting a yeast infection. Don’t take this as a reason not to wash down their either. Neglecting your labia in the shower can also cause an increased risk. Our suggestion: Wash regularly using water or a pH balanced wash - keep it simple. When you’re done, make sure you dry your downstairs thoroughly to remove any moisture, that pesky bad bacteria loves moisture. 

2. Up your probiotics game

Just like your grandmother, we’re all about natural remedies and natural greek yogurt (yum) which contains Lactobacillus acidophilus. While it sounds like a dinosaur, it’s actually a type of bacteria that helps your vagina maintain a healthy pH balance, keeping yeast in check. Try dipping your tampon into some natural yogurt while you’re in the middle of your period to give your bits a healthy bacterial boost. If that’s a bit too much for you (we get it), you can always try taking probiotic tablets instead. 

3. Don some Bamboo underwear

The best defence against yeast infections is investing in moisture-wicking bamboo underwear that lets your bits breathe and keeps everything nice, dry and ventilated. Be selective about the type of underwear you’re wearing. Synthetic fabrics or undies that are too tight will cause heat and moisture to be trapped and create an environment where bad bacteria (and yeast) will thrive, which can lead to thrush, UTI's and general irritation. Same goes for G-strings. While they definitely have their place, it’s good to be aware that those sexy little numbers can cause some super unsexy bacterial transfers from your bottom to your bits which could increase your chances for infection. Opt for an antibacterial fabric to stop them in their tracks - Vee’s organic bamboo Gstring will do the trick. 

4. Make sure you’re eating and sleeping well

We all know a healthy diet and good rest is nature’s cure for pretty much everything. A strong and healthy immune system is important in keeping your body functioning well, which includes helping your vagina kick excess yeast to the curb. If you’re run down, then you'll lack the energy for your coochie to properly balance acids and fight off bad bacteria. 

Same goes for diet. Think back to bread and beer. To activate the yeast in those recipes, you need to feed it sugar... the same goes for our bodies. Yeast also loves grains, gluten and pretty much all the delicious binge foods. There have been so many links between food choices and yeast infections that there’s an entire diet resource out there for women suffering from recurring yeast and other fungal infections. Check it out, it’s called the Candida Diet

Keeping your hoo-ha happy and healthy is simple with some basic TLC tips. 

Take care of your downstairs and help keep those pesky yeast infections at bay with the help of Vee Underwear made of natural antibacterial, antifungal, breathable, odour-resistant and moisture-wicking bamboo fabric.