About Vee

It all began when Founder, Emma, fell into the 75% of women who would experience ‘irritation’ in their lifetime. On the third visit to her local GP, she wasn’t going to take ‘Canesten’ for the answer. Her GP suggested a seemingly simple preventative – investing in breathable cotton underwear.

To Emma’s surprise, this ‘simple task’ quickly became impossible.

Breathable cotton underwear that fits comfortably and wouldn’t be embarrassing to wear in front of her new man-friend just didn’t exist.

After much web-trawling and trying on horrifically unflattering underwear, Emma found a need in the market for underwear that places vaginal health, comfort and ass-thetics at its core.

In her search to find the answer, Emma clicked across bamboo fabric. She discovered that bamboo fabric is not only breathable, but offers numerous additional health benefits in comparison with cotton and is significantly more sustainable.

Inspired by the possibilities for women’s top-drawers everywhere, Emma set out to create Vee.




    To empower women to live a healthier and happier day-to-day life.


    To create ass-thetically pleasing underwear made from healthy and sustainable fabrics, for comfortable and confident everyday wear.


    We don’t believe that comfort should be compromised for confidence. We believe that all woman should be able to wear underwear that support everyday health, whilst accentuating their ass-ets.