G-Spot: How to spot a healthy G

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G banger, Gstring, butt floss, thong. These are all words to reference one small piece of underwear. Now, at Vee, we all love and appreciate the ‘G’, but it’s important to be selective. You can’t just rock the ropes of any old thong. They come in all shapes and cuts - hip huggers, low rise and the iconic high waisted Gstring. Don’t know which one is best for you? We’ve created a G spotting guide so you can feel confident, comfortable and look damn good in your new, sexy underwear.

The Right Style

It’s also important when shopping, that you consider how subtle your Gstring should be. Yes, we know the point of a Gstring is to subtly sit between your cheeks, but there’s a fine line (literally) between looking sexy and creating a highway for back-end bacteria. Yup that’s right, your ‘sexy’ Gstring can be a fast track ticket for bacteria to travel from your bottom to your vagina. Besides being a bit eww, this bacterial transfer can lead to an increased risk of yeast infections and vaginal irritation. Vee has designed their bamboo Gstring with just the right amount of... string... to keep you happy and your hoo-ha healthy. 

The Right Material

One way to nip that risk of bacterial transfer in the butt, is to opt for organic bamboo underwear. Bamboo just so happens to have natural antifungal and antibacterial properties aimed at fighting off any back-end bacteria that comes speeding down that back-end highway (aka Gstring). Bacteria also thrives in warm places, so when your favourite combo, a Gstring, plus a workout is paired, it can be problematic.
If this is your go-to, then opt for 100% bamboo underwear. It’s more breathable than cotton - which easily accumulates moisture - making them the best undies to wear while working out. While you’re off sweating, your undies are doing double duty: Fighting off bacteria, while also whisking away excess sweat and moisture, leaving you to get back to your workout.

The Right Size

Thongs are a great way to avoid undie lines and show off our ass-ets, but the number one rule to rock a Gstring is to pick the right size. Choose wrong and you could be setting yourself up for some serious discomfort. If your itsy bitsy G is too small, you’ll feel the pinch. Donning a small Gstring can lead to big irritation as it can cut off your circulation or lead to some very unfortunate chafing. If you choose a bigger size, it’ll swim so far up your bottom that you’ll spend your time fishing out wedgies. Not a sexy look.

A perfect fit is when the strings sit properly along your hip bones and down your cheeks without too much riding in words. Check out Vee's perfectly designed bamboo Gstring here. 

The Right Time and Place

Now that you know how to spot a healthy G, we still don’t recommend neglecting the rest of your underwear just yet. There are a few other things to consider. Because of the increased risk of bacteria being transferred, thongs shouldn’t be an every day option. Try only wearing Gstrings when your outfit - or your sexy situation ;) - warrants it. When you’re sick or suffering from stomach troubles, it’s best to leave it in the drawer. You don’t want whatever is coming out of you to end up back inside you… Finally, we all know Bec Judd loves to sleep in a thong, but it’s probably not the best idea. In fact, we don’t recommend sleeping in any underwear at all. Commando is the healthiest - and most comfortable - option under whatever PJ’s you’re running.

When in doubt, reach for organic bamboo fabrics and help minimise your risk of upsetting your hoo-ha health. We love how sexy this type of underwear can make you feel, and Vee’s line of bamboo Gstrings are here to create a happy, healthy, panty line-free future.


Shop Vee's eco-friendly bamboo underwear here. 


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