Why A Sweaty Vulva Can Cause Thrush

Why A Sweaty Vulva Can Cause Thrush

Having an aversion to the word moist is like disliking the Kardashians: you’ll do what you can to avoid it, but you can never truly escape it. Sooner or later, it pops up in your panties, like the Kardashians pop up on your news feed, ignoring your best efforts to block, delete, unfollow.

We’re getting to the bottom (ahem: the front bottom) of what’s causing your hoo-ha’s excess moisture and how to stay on top of it. You might hear a lot of your least favourite word: moist, moist, moist. But we promise to keep the Kardashian references to a minimum. Fair deal. 

If you hate the word moist, this blog is for you. If you don’t mind the word moist, this blog is also for you. In fact, this blog is for anyone who has a vagina. 

How does excess moisture happen?

Let’s get one thing straight: a little moisture is normal. In fact, at certain times like 11pm on a Friday night, it’s encouraged. Wink wink. Natural lubrication is your body at work. And it’s one hell of a grind.

But excess moisture? That’s another story. Exercise, hormones, new (tight) fashion trends, Chris Hemsworth, sneezing even; any and everything can be responsible for feeling the extra drip in your drawers. 

How can excess moisture affect your vagina?

Your vagina naturally has a healthy level of yeast fungus and a balanced mix of different bacterias. And it’s a very delicate balance, like the perfect gin & tonic. But excess moisture, heat, and sweat downstairs is the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria to grow, take over and invite its pesky yeast fungus friend to the party. Say hello to the uninvited, yet unfortunately common, party guests: thrush and bacterial vaginosis. What a pain in the vag. 

So, how to keep moisture (and thrush) out of your pants?

1. Avoid tight underwear and clothes

Put your skinny jeans in storage. Avoid synthetic gym gear and stockings. The tighter the bottoms (looking at you, bike shorts), the more chances heat and moisture can get trapped, causing things like thrush in your hoo-ha. And if your undies are digging into your hips or causing an itch, it might be time to introduce your vulva to the comfiest undies you’ll ever own. Free from tight seams and bulky bits, you’ll wish you met them sooner.

2. Wear breathable fabrics

Cotton is a good option, but bamboo is better. Our bamboo undies are three times as breathable as your regular cotton undies and four times more absorbent. They’re especially made with odour-resistant and moisture-wicking materials, which draws moisture away from the skin and promotes evaporation (plus leaves fewer smells behind). In case they weren’t enough of an overachieving bunch, they also have antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep your bacteria and bits in order, warding off any nasties that might wreak havoc.

3. Keep your bits dry

Getting ready in a rush? Dry yourself properly after you shower before throwing on your undies (these ones are cute) to avoid excess moisture down there. Nobody likes a damp derriere. And if you love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain? Make sure you change out of your wet clothes, ASAP. But definitely order another round of Pina Coladas, stat.

4. Go commando

Hold up, aren’t we an underwear brand? That’s right. But even we admit that wearing no underwear while you’re sleeping is better for your private parts in the long run. We get warm in our sleep, which can lead to more moisture in our knickers. Especially if you’re tossing and turning (and ticking off your bed buddy), you’re likely heating things up even more down there. Ditch the carpet burn and let it breatheeee, baby.

5. Keep a fresh pair handy

Squeezing a gym class in between meetings? Then squeezing your booty on the gym floor? Showering after exercise isn’t always possible, but changing your underwear is. Especially if you’ve got sweat patches on your, you know, other patches. Keep a spare pair in your gym bag and slip them on after your spin class. Because excess sweat lurking in your undies is your one way ticket to thrush town.

6. Avoid fragranced washes

Your vagina shouldn’t smell like a bouquet of flowers anyway. Some body washes can mess with your mojo and upset the very delicate balance going on in your pants. Keep body washes to your vulva (outside your body), not your vagina (inside your body) and pick a fragrance-free and pH-balanced body wash when possible. It’ll keep your hoo-ha happier, healthier, and hopefully thrush-free. 

7. Move somewhere cold

Like Melbourne. Or Antarctica. Just kidding. But seriously, yeast thrives in hot, humid, wet places. Regions with more moisture in the air can result in more yeast in your vagina. So if you live somewhere like Queensland, keep an eye on your bits and bobs. And if you’ve got a networking event coming up, you’ve now got a waaay more interesting small-talk topic instead of “nice weather we’re having”. You’re welcome, gf. 

Need more direction to avoid yeast infection? Start with our breathable, bamboo undies to wick away sweat and whisk moisture to another land. Hopefully somewhere far, far away. Like where the Kardashians live.