Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini
Vee Underwear Bamboo Bikini Video

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikini

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Meet the Bamboo Bikini, the most comfortable brief in your underwear drawer. It’s the soft and basic style you’ll reach for every day of the week. But basic doesn’t have to mean boring. These sustainable undies feature a luxe lace trim and give the perfect amount of coverage, sitting narrow on the side of your hips and showing only a touch of cheek.

We don’t believe in tight seams. Our comfortable styles feel like a second skin. No red marks or itchy lines. And since our underwear is made from a premium bamboo fabric, it’s incredibly soft. 

Unlike cotton, bamboo is a superior fabric. Not only is it stronger and more durable, but it’s also three times more breathable. Not to mention it’s also antibacterial, antifungal, odour-resistant and moisture-wicking. All these properties help keep your hoo-ha feeling fresh and free from thriving bacteria, reducing the risk of vaginal irritation and exposure to yeast and fungal infections. 

Our luxurious bamboo fabric is sustainably made from organic bamboo and is certified by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Peruse more about our sustainability and ethics here.

Vee Underwear Bamboo Features

    • 92% Bamboo 8% Elastane
    • 100% biodegradable fabric 
    • Super soft and lightweight 
    • Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
    • Read more about our bamboo fabric here.

Fabric care: To get longevity out of your overachieving Vee Underwear it’s best to use a lingerie bag and wash on a gentle machine wash setting. You should ideally  use weak/mild laundry detergents on bamboo fabric. Oh, and don’t tumble dry, they don't really like that. 

    Unlike cotton, bamboo has no natural pests which means it can be sustainably grown without the use of any chemical weeding, herbicides or pesticides. Further to this, bamboo uses one third of the amount of water used to grow cotton. Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant in the world making it a naturally renewable resource. 

    After Vee’s bamboo is organically grown, it’s processed into a fibre using a softening solution which is recycled & used again, and again. This means that no waste is disposed of into the environment, ever. Our feathery soft material is then spun into a yarn and sewn into Vee Underwear.  

    All of Vee’s fabrics are independently tested by OEKO-TEX ® an international body specialised in testing the skin safety of finished textile products. All Vee’s fabrics successfully hold OEKO-TEX ® certification.

    V Underwear suitability

    Vee Underwear Size Chart

    Finding your fit is fool-proof, finally. We've designed our undies to be as true to size as womanly possible.

    Go for your most common, feel-good, pant size. But always double-check against this clever little size chart

    If buying the Bikini, Boyleg, Gstring or Cheeky-Cut, the 'HIP' measurement is what you should go off.

    And if you're eyeing up the High-Waisted style, we'd recommend matching the size closest to both your HIP and WAIST measurement.

    Bravo, you're one step closer to an undies revolution.

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