How To Stop Recurring Thrush. FOR GOOD.

How To Stop Recurring Thrush. FOR GOOD.

Sick of recurring vaginal thrush? Asking yourself "Why do I keep getting thrush!?" We were, too, until we discovered that synthetic underwear was the culprit.

It turns out a staggering 75% of women experience vaginal thrush in their lifetime — but usually in silent suffering. The sooner we ditch the stigma and laugh/cry about it together, the better. 

Right here, right now, Vee's going to take you through the ultimate crash-course to recurrent vaginal candidiasis. We're chatting candidly about the causes and cures of this prolific women's health concern, all in the name of banishing your thrush forever.

Oh, and we promise we're not prescribing another tube of canesten cream. While canesten treatment can provide immediate thrush relief and eliminate thrush quickly, it's not going to address the root cause of recurring, persistent yeast infections.

Without further discomfort for your vagina, let's dive into how your underwear choice can lead to thrush:

So, How Does Thrush Happen? 

The frustrating question of "Why am I getting thrush all the time?!" is the first to address.

Basically, thrush is a pesky vaginal fungal infection caused by an overgrowth of a yeast fungus, called Candida albicans. If you've had thrush, or suspect you have thrush, the typical symptoms include discomfort and discharge from your vagina.

The yeast fungus that causes thrush exists naturally in the vagina and normally causes no issues at all. In fact, your body has a natural and optimal level of different bacteria and yeast fungus that keeps each other balanced and in check. When an external factor throws off this precious balance, the yeast fungus can overgrow, leading to a dreaded bout of thrush. Grr.

Okay, But Why Does My Thrush Keep Returning?

When your vaginal thrush keeps coming back with a vengeance, it's incredibly frustrating. While vaginal creams can help reduce the overgrowth of Candida and ease thrush symptoms, they simply cannot maintain your body's natural bacteria-to-fungus ratio long term. If you're finding your thrush is recurring, there's likely an environmental factor interfering with your body's balances, bringing on that nasty, recurring overgrowth of yeast fungus (AKA, giving you thrush).

But what could it possibly be? Honestly, a number of things — think diet, medication, clothing, soaps, and the biggest culprit of all: unbreathable underwear.

WTF. Why Is My Underwear to Blame for My Recurring Thrush?

First question: Do you know anything about the fabric your underwear is made from? If that's a no, girl, we're about to change your life. When you really think about it, your underwear is cradling your vagina for a whopping 10+ hours every day. And unfortunately, we tend to get caught up in the aesthetics of our favorite undies, neglecting how they may be jeopardizing our health.

It's time to start shopping for underwear that prevents thrush.

If you've been battling recurring yeast infections, double-check whether your knickers are made from synthetic fabrics (i.e., Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, Mesh, Lace, Satin).

Eek, we thought that might be the case.

These synthetic fabrics are NOT breathable, trapping heat and moisture around the vagina. Unsurprisingly, that warm and moist environment creates a haven for yeast fungus to thrive, leading to an imbalance of your body's healthy bacteria-to-fungus ratio. Next thing you know, your constricting undies have made the perfect environment for your yeast fungus to overgrow and your vaginal thrush to relapse yet again.

Okay, So What Are the Best Undies to Prevent Thrush!?

So, how to stop thrush? Three words, baby: Breathable bamboo underwear. It humbles our little hearts to think about just how many potential thrush cases we've prevented with these breathable beauties. How, though? Well, while cotton underwear is also a good option for breathability, bamboo is actually three times more breathable and four times more absorbent. This ensures you're maintaining a fresh and dry downstairs department, minimizing your chances of disrupting your natural (healthy) balance of bacteria and yeast fungus. This is why bamboo underwear is superior to cotton underwear for preventing thrush.

In case Vee's undies weren't wooing you already, our bamboo fabrication also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it the best undie antidote to recurring yeast infections. And what a revelation that is!

Vee's bamboo underwear range has been specifically designed for everyday wear, with femme care being the top priority. The buttery-soft bamboo material gently cradles your bits while feeling barely there. Oh, and we can guarantee you'll look chic AF while wearing them, too. We're not compromising on style to give you great hoo-ha health. Turns out, with Vee you can have it all.

Jaw dropped? Say goodbye to recurring thrush and check out some reviews to verify the Vee effect for yourself.


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