Say Goodbye to 3 Common Lady Issues with Bamboo

Woman on bed wearing Vee underwear with 'breathable' and 'antibacterial' text

If you have a sore back, sore knee or a headache you’re probably quite happy to head to your GP and fill them in. But, if it’s to do with your downstairs department, you might be singing a different tune.  

Ladies, don’t be one of the many women who ignore symptoms involving your vagina. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially considering 75% of women will experience thrush in their lifetime. Although women's vulvas and vaginas all look and operate in their own unique ways, treatment for many surface level problems isn’t that complicated. And no, we’re not talking about canesten!

Breathable underwear is your golden ticket to alleviate these common vaginal health issues.

Chafing and Redness

Say aye if you’ve experienced the horror of chafing. Whether it’s from wet bathing suits or too-tight jeans, everyone has found themselves in that particularly unpleasant situation. And while your average pair of undies will get you through the day, it may not be doing your lady bits any favours in the chafing department.

Repeatedly wearing underwear that’s too tight can constrict blood flow to your vagina, where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Besides causing some straight up discomfort after long hours of wear, it can lead to more serious problems like ingrown hairs and painful rub spots along the elasticated edges of your unfriendly undergarments.

The solution? Opt for a pair of bamboo underwear, or other natural fabrics that hug your bits rather than suffocate them. Our bamboo briefs avoid the use of harsh elastics, letting you ride out your day in comfort.


Vulval irritation is a relatively common condition for ladies of all ages. One important thing to note, is that it doesn’t always mean you’ve got a yeast infection. If you’re suffering from itching, burning or discomfort, it could be caused by more common things like the feminine products you use during your time of the month, or the soap you use in the shower (please don’t use soap on your lady bits!!!). What many women don’t realise is their underwear is also a big contributor to downstairs discomfort - and even the sexiest, silkiest underwear aren’t worth that.

The best underwear for sensitive skin is, you guessed it... bamboo! If you’ve got minor skin conditions or allergies, don’t turn to over-the-counter creams. A  hypoallergenic pair of undies is all you need!


Unfortunately moist isn’t just for muffins. One way to make a room full of ladies cringe is to drop the ‘M’ word. We all experience a normal build up of moisture downstairs, especially when it’s hot or when we’re working out, or stressed. Yet without proper ventilation, this excess moisture becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

At the minimum, it might get a little clammy. At the worst, it can lead to more serious issues like UTIs or thrush. The trick is knowing how to let your bits breathe so you can avoid more serious health problems down the line.

Enter bamboo underwear. 

Bamboo underwear is packed full of health benefits. Unlike cotton, it has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which help stop nasty bacteria in their tracks. It’s also super absorbent, helping draw out bad moisture rather than letting all that heat stay trapped between your legs.

So if you’re suffering from any of these minor vaginal health issues, Vee’s line of eco underwear has your back. Choose bamboo for a happy, healthier, happier hoo-ha.

You can check them out here.


Keep your hoo-ha happy lovelies xxx