Why is bamboo underwear better for your vagina than cotton?

Why is bamboo underwear better for your vagina than cotton?

Love cotton underwear for its breathability? You'll change your mind when you feel the Vee effect. That is, once you try our butter-soft bamboo undies, you’re never going to go back. Why, though? Because Vee’s signature fabrication is far more superior and sustainable than any cotton underwear rivals. 

Here, we’re giving you the rundown on why bamboo undies win over cotton, every damn time. Let’s revolutionise your dresser drawer. 

Bamboo is 3x more breathable than cotton.

Underwear breathability is important to keep your hoo-ha cool and fresh all day long. And this is not just important to keep your tush comfortable, it’s equally essential for preventing common female health dilemmas. Those are things like thrush, UTI’s and other general irritations. 

If you wear cotton underwear for its breathability, may we introduce you to bamboo? A level up, bamboo’s heightened breathability is known to be three times better than that of your typical pair of cotton briefs. Basically, bamboo is going to be your new best friend (and the best breathable underwear you’ve ever had). 

Bamboo is 4x more absorbent than cotton.

Underwear absorbency is the key to keeping your hoo-ha dry. That may sound a little weird and anti-intuitive, but a dry downstairs throughout the day means bacteria and fungus can’t thrive and multiply, causing havic in your hoo-ha. 

If you're NOT wearing absorbent underwear, you are increasing your risk for yeast infections. How, though? 

Your body has a natural and optimal level of bacteria and fungus that keeps everything balanced and in-check. A moist, warm environment can throw off this healthy balance, allowing your yeast fungus to overgrow and potentially lead to a dreaded bout of thrush. Grr. You can read more about this here.

So, while cotton is an absorbent fabric, bamboo can soak up four times more moisture, minimising your risk of clamminess and cataclysmic days spent battling thrush. Now that’s a vibe. 

Bamboo is also antibacterial, antifungal and odour-resistant, but cotton is not.

Yep, the good news keeps coming. In addition to being more breathable and absorbent than cotton underwear, Vee’s bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odour-resistant. Sadly, cotton doesn’t have these benefits, creating a greater likelihood for those aforementioned infections to occur or just general frustration with discomfort and/or unwanted smells (not be a confused with a normal smelling vagina, it isn't suppose to smell like roses down there). If there’s an option to stay fresher for longer in a gal’s busy schedule, we’ll take it. 

Bamboo fabric is silky-soft, cotton is not. 

Part of the allure of bamboo is in its barely-there, ultra-soft touch. The lightweight nature of Vee’s bamboo fabric means it’s lighter on the skin when compared to cotton underwear. It’s exceptionally silky and luxurious to touch — so while you’re making a ‘healthy’ choice for your body, you’re not compromising on the pleasure of wear. 

Bamboo is significantly more sustainable than cotton. 

While we rarely think about it whilst whacking on a pair of fresh knickers, bamboo is vastly better for the planet than cotton. There’s a hefty number of environmental benefits when it comes to bamboo, so we’re bullet-listing the breakdown. 
Prepare to to be impressed:

  • Bamboo uses one third of the amount of water required to grow cotton.
  • Bamboo has no natural pests as a plant, meaning it can thrive without the use of pesticide or herbicide chemicals (unlike cotton). 
  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the whole bloody world, making it a naturally renewable resource, too. 
  • Bamboo really reaches god-tier status when it comes to its 100% biodegradability. Yep. This material can naturally decompose, without polluting the environment. 
  • Last but certainly not least, bamboo reduces nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases (as it absorbs high amounts of excess carbon dioxide) and produces 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees.
 Mic drop.

There you have it. You know the drill. Treat your hoo-ha to the best of the best right here.