Why Vee is a fitting gift for all the ladies in your life

Why Vee is a fitting gift for all the ladies in your life

With Christmas right around the corner, Vee has you covered for every lady on your list this year.

You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice, and you’re still struggling to figure out what gift would be nice? 

With so many wonderful women on your list this year, you want your gifts to be thoughtful, meaningful and have an impact in their lives. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! We don't usually like the notion of one size fits all... but in this case, one gift really does suit all. And with Christmas right around the corner, Vee has you covered for every lady on your list this season. 

Your sweetly sensitive friend

We all have one friend who is so sweetly sensitive that she still tears up when she watches The Notebook - even for the umpteenth time. 

While you can take care of her feelings, leave it to Vee to take care of her other sensitivities. 

Our underwear is the perfect solution for all the ladies who should have shares in Canesten. Bamboo’s hypoallergenic fabric is there to support vaginal health, even for the most sensitive of us. The fabric is ultra-soft on your bits, but ultra-tough on fighting off bad bacteria which cause vaginal irritations like thrush and UTIs.

Your environmentally-friendly friend

How do you buy for the girl who’s dreaming of a green Christmas?

She already has a kitchen full of kick-ass reusable food wraps, shopping bags and containers and has a cosmetic cabinet filled with cruelty-free, planet-loving products. And with a disdainful glance at consumerism, you know you’ll be receiving a thoughtful, handmade gift all tied up in recycled wrapping paper. 

Feeling hot and panicked? Your friend will be the first to tell you that our planet is too (AKA climate change). We’ve got a gift which will help keep both the planet and your friend’s coochie cool, calm and collected. Vee’s bamboo underwear are made of sustainably sourced, organic bamboo which is both good for the planet AND your lady bits. By using less water and helping reduce emissions, this naturally renewing resource is the earth’s superhero. And what else would you get your planet-happy, superhero friend?

Plus! Our packaging is all 100% recycled. 

Your feisty festival friend

December means one thing for this friend: Festival Season!

We all have one friend who is a little festival energiser bunny.  Every weekend she’s packing up and shipping out to dance the days away, always dressed to the nines in carefully crafted outfits. Our liver hurts just thinking about her. 

But what do you buy a wonderful woman who has a whole trunk full of costumes and glitter?

Festivals can get pretty hot and heavy (and not always in the fun way). So to keep her going while she boogies down, we recommend supporting her festival frenzy in other ways. 

Vee Underwear is made of breathable, odour-resistant and moisture-wicking bamboo fabric. This makes it the perfect dancing partner to take her from those beach-side sunrise sessions to a late-night techno stage in the bush. 

Your travel-savvy friend

There’s one person on your list who spends more time in airplanes than she does at home. You know you’re going to get a painstakingly woven grass bag she made in a workshop in Bali for Christmas and you’re sweating trying to figure out what to get her in return. What do you buy for the friend who lives with all her possessions strapped to her back most of the time? Hint. It’s not another universal adapter. 

While our products are small - and easily packable! - they pack a serious punch on the gift appreciation radar for girls on the road. Our underwear is comfortable, breathable but also ass-thetically pleasing. The holy trifecta for babes on the go. 
By giving the gift of Vee you’ll be providing her with the best travel friend a girl could ask for. You’ll ensure she feels confident and beautiful no matter what challenges she faces overseas.

Shop our range of products here and make sure your orders are in before Wednesday the 18th of December to ensure you get it before Christmas. 

Happy holidays