How To Keep Your Hoo-Ha Healthy On Holiday

How To Keep Your Hoo-Ha Healthy On Holiday

Yeast infections are the last thing you want crashing your holiday adventures. 

But why are you almost ALWAYS more likely to cop a vaginal infection on holidays? Basically, new climates (especially hot and humid ones) and sudden lifestyle changes (like different water and additional bread intake) can throw off the natural balance of your vagina's bacteria. When this gets out of whack, an overgrowth of the candida fungus and/or other infections can form. *sigh*

In this week's blog, we give you a few easy tips and tricks for BEFORE and DURING your trip to reduce your risk of vagina woes whilst on vacay.

Before You Go:

First thing’s first, ladies: make an appointment with your GP while still on Australian soil. You can make sure everything is A-OK from the get-go. If you’re prone to vaginal infections (particularly while on vacay), we’d suggest getting your GP to recommend a good probiotic to start taking before you go away and whilst away (that doesn’t need to be refrigerated) to help maintain plenty of healthy gut flora, keeping you in fine balance. Also, it’s wise to ask them if there are any other common health considerations for the countries you are visiting, just so you can best prep and pack with any Australian medications to take along for the ride.

If you’re a thrush prone girlie, be sure to pack your thrush treatment of choice as a backup measure. Other non-negotiables in your toiletries bag to keep your vagina healthy and happy while on vacay are:

  • Thrush treatment (if prone to thrush) 
  • Ural treatment (if prone to UTI’s)
  • A pH balanced, non scented femme wash (pls don’t use free and/or communcial soaps)
  • Probiotics (non-refrigerated) 
  • Plentiful pads/tampons, obvi. So you’re never caught without!
  • Unscented, pH balanced lubricant 
  • Condoms
  • Breathable bamboo underwear (read our underwear travel hacks here)

While You’re Away:

Here are the rapid fire tips you didn’t know you needed:

1.  Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing (and undies) to keep yourself dry and cool during the day, as the fungus that causes thrush love warm, moist environments. And while sweating may be unavoidable during sightseeing missions, keeping moisture at bay by avoiding tights, spandex and synthetic materials means your bits get to breathe.

2. Avoid staying in wet bathing suits where possible. The moisture and friction from the fabric in your bathers (as well as any chlorine from pools) can irritate your bits and increase your chances of a yeast infection.

3. Antibacterial underwear is a must. Even if you’re following point 1 and only wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing and underwear, heat & moisture is unavoidable whilst on vacay. This is why if you’re prone to thrush it could be a good idea to wear underwear that is antibacterial for an added level of protection to fight off any unwanted bacteria that inevitably forms from the heat & moisture.

4. Eat good, but keep it balanced. Look, we’re not going to tell you to go to bed early and not get a second serving of that pasta when in Italy. But just keep in mind that there is a strong link between good hoo-ha health and a diet low in carbs and sugar. Level out that bread, cheese and wine with low-sugar food and max hydration where possible.

Next time you’re preparing to embark on a soul-searching sojourn, we hope you’ll consult this comprehensive checklist of what exactly to pack in the plight to fend off any vaginal woes. When traveling, it’s easy to neglect to consider what your vagina needs in favour of focusing all energy into your streamlined makeup bag. But if you heed Vee’s advice and cross-check our packing list, we have a feeling those UTI’s, thrush and other down-there irritations will be kept at an all-time low. The vibes? They’ll be radiating on a high.