Bamboo: Loved by Your Hoo-Ha and the Earth

Bamboo: Loved by Your Hoo-Ha and the Earth

Bamboo is not only a healthy option for your hoo-ha, it is also one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. How? Well here are just a few reasons. 

Bamboo is strong, which makes it the perfect construction material. But when turned into a fabric, it ends up as a super soft, yet still durable fabric, with a number of antibacterial properties to keep your hoo-ha happy and healthy. But just as importantly, as a resource, it’s one of the most sustainable on the planet and is fast becoming a popular alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics. Vaginas, pandas and the planet are all celebrating bamboo, so let’s look at how sustainable it really is.

1. Bamboo is the fasted growing plant on the planet - without the help of pesticides or herbicides

Touted as the world’s most renewable material resources, bamboo grows faster than a Kimmy K look-a-like’s Instagram following. From planting to harvest only takes four years. And as a bonus, it doesn’t require replanting. Bamboo is so durable that new shoots will pop up and the crop can replenish itself within a year.

The best part about using bamboo in textiles is there’s no need to spray crops with harmful chemicals and fertilisers. The plant has a naturally-occurring substance called bamboo-kun. If it sounds like kung-fu, it kind of is. Bamboo-kun gives it a kick-ass resilience to pests and fungi. What does this all mean? It means that bamboo can be sustainably grown and harvested multiple times with minimal impact on the environment compared to other crops.

2. H2-Oooh friendly

Like your hoo-ha, bamboo likes a dry environment. This super plant is one of the most water-conserving crops on earth, only requiring rainwater to grow. This makes it able to handle hard weather conditions like droughts, extreme heat or floods. Compared to water-sucking crops like cotton, bamboo is getting a sustainable gold star.

3. Bamboo helps keep both our hoo-ha and our air clean

When turned into fabric, one of the biggest benefits of bamboo garments is the breathability. At Vee, we love promoting bamboo as a breath of fresh air for your bits, but before it becomes your next pair of underwear, it also helps detox the air we breathe! This superhero plant reduces nearly 5x the number of greenhouse gases through carbon dioxide absorption and produces almost 30% more oxygen than trees.

4. Bamboo fabric is biodegradable

The final, and probably greatest contribution to the sustainability scale is that bamboo fibres are 100% biodegradable. That means, when the time finally comes to throw away your bamboo undies, they will naturally decompose and return to the earth with minimal impact in our landfills.

But before you throw out your wardrobe, bear in mind that bamboo is only this green when farmed and produced sustainably. And not all bamboo fabric is created equal. You can learn more about Vee’s eco-friendly bamboo production and compare the not-so-sustainably processed bamboo fabric types here.

Are you onboard with bamboo yet?

Vee Underwear is made from organic bamboo which embodies natural properties that make the fabric antibacterial, antifungal, breathable, odour-resistant and moisture-wicking (woah). All these properties help to support a healthy lower region, reducing the risk of vaginal irritation and exposure to yeast and fungal infections. And because our bamboo fabric is sustainably grown and ethically sourced, it’s good for your hoo-ha and the planet.

Happy shopping lovelies xxx