Your Undies Could Be Housing Over 10,000 Bacteria

Woman wearing Vee underwear, bacteria graphics

Even if you’re the kinda gal we envy that manages to stay on top of their laundry life with obnoxious prowess, like all good things in life, your fave pair of undies must come to an end. And sadly, even the most clean undies can build up to 10,000 (!!!) living bacteria over time. 

Why? What? How?

Let us introduce you to E.coli, the grizzly bacteria found in human faeces (yep we’re going there) that can infest even your cleanest pair of underwear after repeated wear. Like Kris Jenner, it hussles; even Vee’s overachieving antibacterial, antifungal and moisture-wicking bamboo powers can't ward off e-coli’s unrelenting wrath after a while. 

So, what does this mean for your vagina? As E.coli bacteria builds, so too does your risk to an array of femme health issues like thrush, UTI's and general irritation. And if you’re not stepping into material that’s breathable, antibacterial and moisture-wicking every day (ahem, Vee), then this chance increased tenfold. 

So, when was the last time you truly, madly, deeply cleaned out your undies drawer? If you’re head-tilting and raiding through the memory filing cabinets in your brain, never fear, we’ve all been there. As a general rule of bum (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves), undies only have a heyday of about 6-12 months until it’s time for out with the old, in with the new. 

Moral of this story is: no matter how overachieving your knickers are (even at Vee’s level), it’s super essential to keep them on high rotation. This is precisely why Vee has a nifty 5 for $100 bundle deal to keep you feeling fresh and fancy every day of the week. You just pick your 5 faves, enter the code 5FOR100 at checkout and voilà, you save $25, get free shipping AND reduce your risk of e.coli related infections. 

Doing an underwear drawer audit right now? Girl, same.