Keep your coochie cool, calm and confident this summer

Keep your coochie cool, calm and confident this summer

With summer fast approaching (finally), things can get a little spicy - especially when it comes to your downstairs department. And no one likes a sweaty vajayjay (we’ll abstain from saying moist). It’s bad for your health and your confidence too. So instead of hiding out in the aircon, we have all the tips you need to keep your coochie cool, calm and collected this summer. 


We all experience a normal build-up of heat downstairs in Summer, especially when we’re hot and bothered shopping for that new pair of bathers (eh). 

But, the only thing that should be getting super-steamy this summer is you and your Hinge fling. 

Unfortunately, if you’re not wearing the right underwear in the hotter months, this might not be the case. Without proper ventilation, this excess moisture becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. At the minimum, it might get a little clammy. At the worst, it can lead to more serious issues like UTIs or thrush… and that’s not going to do you any favours on date three with Hinge boy. 

Enter Vee bamboo underwear. Your vagina will stay cool, calm and odour-free thanks to bamboo’s naturally breathable and moisture-wicking abilities. This super fabric is a breath of fresh air for when you need it most - especially in the face of great (bather) adversity. 


Say aye if you’ve experienced the horror of chafing or irritation in summer? Whether it’s from wet bathing suits or one too many yeasty Corona’s, we’ve all found ourselves with that particularly unpleasant itch. 

Well, keep calm and carry on. Vee’s bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, turning underwear into your vagina’s summer saviour. Our bamboo underwear has got your back and your bits, helping to fight off any thriving bacteria in your downstairs department and is hypoallergenic for all of us sensitive sweeties out there. We’re not just supporting happier, healthier hoo-has, but helping to keep you calm. Because feeling calm starts with feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. So just breathe and let bamboo take care of the hard stuff. 


Cellulite? Dimples? Maybe a pimple or two? Something we don’t see in our summer feeds. But, it’s all there with Vee. We want our brand imagery to represent real women with real bodies rocking realistic expectations. We’re big on body positivity and promise never to retouch our photos. We want to show you that it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you wear, everyone can rock a pair of Vee’s and feel confident in their own skin from morning to night. 

This is especially important during the summer months when our feeds are full of diets, #fitspo, bikini shots and socialites living it up on yachts in the Sydney harbour. It’s all geared towards people #livingtheirbestlife, which is often a very unrealistic depiction of everyday life. And with Instagram setting really high faux-expectations, this can make us compare ourselves to this artificially set standard and question our perfectly fabulous day at the local pool. Remember, Instagram is a highlight reel, not real life. At Vee, we want you to feel confident as #youdoyou this summer, which is why we try our best to share Vee babes of all shapes and sizes. 

Our survival guide doesn’t involve a bikini-ready workout plan, or the best places to get celery juice (although we love a good celery juice, don’t get us wrong). Instead, we’re working hard to promote good summer hoo-ha health, keeping your coochie happy and healthy.

Beat the heat and stay cool, calm and collected with our range of bamboo underwear.

Don't sweat it, Vee’s got you.