Hoo-Ha Happy Underwear 101

Woman wearing Vee underwear lying on bed

Very few women are aware of how underwear can impact the wellbeing of their hoo-ha. Yet more often than not your undies aren’t doing you any favours in the downstairs department. Let’s get you up to speed.

Here are 5 common ways that your underwear could affect the health and overall comfort of your coochie.

1. The M Word - Moist

Moist. Think you find this word offensive? Your vagina thinks it’s criminal.

The ‘sweaty situations’ we encounter on a daily basis can lead to a natural build-up of moisture downstairs. Exercise, work pressures, annoying partners, screaming kids… the list goes on.

If you're not wearing the right underwear, heat and moisture can become trapped, creating the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. More bacteria means an increased risk of vaginal irritation and exposure to yeast and fungal infections - which is the last thing you need, right?

It’s important to choose underwear that allows moisture to be drawn away from the skin and evaporated. Bamboo underwear helps wick away any condensation and is up to four times more absorbent than your standard cotton knickers. 

2. Breathable Fabric Vs Synthetic Fabric

And breathe…Think of breathable underwear as meditation, and synthetic underwear as CrossFit; a sweaty cult.

Synthetic fabrics don’t allow your bits to breathe. This is due to the fabric’s inability to draw moisture and heat away from the body. Without a cool breeze, your coochie will struggle to stay fresh and free from thriving bacteria.

Allow your bits to breathe by choosing bamboo or cotton fabric next time you're shopping for new undies.

3. Tight Underwear

The skin surrounding your vagina is much thinner, making it more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, it’s important to avoid underwear that is tight-fitting or has bulky, non-stretch seams. Looking beyond the general discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs that tight underwear can cause, you’re more susceptible to rocking a muffin top. And that ain’t cool.  

We don't want to bring up the 'M' word again, but tight underwear also causes heat and moisture to be trapped, creating ‘you know what’ (bacteria), ‘you know where’ (in your vagina).

4.  G-Bangers

At Vee, we love a good G, but it’s important to be selective.

Since G-strings often go inside your bottom (a workplace hazard in the underwear world), they can spread bacteria from your bum to your vagina. Besides the initial ‘yuck’ reaction, this also increases your risk of UTIs, yeast infections and vaginal irritation.

It’s important to choose G-strings that are made from an antibacterial fabric - like bamboo - to fight off any back-end bacteria. It’s also important that your G-string isn’t too thin to help avoid it slipping right up in there into no-mans land.

5. Ass-thetics.

Now, we all need a bit of lovin’ from time-to-time. Want in on a little secret to make your sexy-time run a little smoother?

Your underwear holds the key. Think about it. It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night.

You aren’t going to feel comfortable wearing underwear that look like they’ve been lace-bombed, or ones that reveal dessert before dinner. And you’re not going to feel confident in underwear that you’re constantly fishing wedgies out of.

Choose underwear that YOU feel comfortable and confident in.

Vee Underwear wants to give women the confidence to show off their ass-ets while still being comfy as kittens to hangout in. Browse our range of bamboo, fanny-friendly undies.

Happy shopping lovelies xxx