4 products for a healthier, happier hoo-ha

4 products for a healthier, happier hoo-ha

Ladies, we need to talk about our vaginas. They’ve been through a lot in the last few years with the yoni eggs and crazy glitter bomb trends. But they’ve also come a long way in terms of public perception. It feels like everyone and their mother seems to be talking about them - whether they’ve got one or not!

Along with this new sense of fame, we’ve seen an increase in the number of vagina products on the market meant to moisturise, clean, deodorise, tighten, shapen and strengthen… It can be pretty overwhelming for your poor vagina, not to mention you! Don’t worry, we’re here to help. So step away from the vagina steamer, if you want a happier, healthier hoo-ha, here are four products vaginas everyone is raving about. 

Jonny Condom

While we don’t recommend putting a lot of foreign objects inside you, there are definitely exceptions and condoms are one of them. This is because the vagina is super highly absorbant and do you really want it soaking up any old thing? Especially considering certain spermicides found on condoms are shown to increase your chances of developing thrush or UTIs. Neither of which are fun things to think about after sex.

No one likes a third wheel, but when it comes to condoms, Vee is all about rolling into the bedroom prepared. Condoms are so important when it comes to safe sex and preventing pregnancy if that’s not your current cup of tea. But while necessary, condoms aren’t necessarily great for you. Certain types of latex, lubes and spermicides found on condoms have been shown to increase your chances of developing thrush or UTIs. And given your vagina is super sensitive and highly absorbent, do you really want it soaking up some unknown spermicide?

Enter Jonny. This condom brand features non-medicated natural rubber latex condoms which are perfect for making your concerned coochies swoon. There are no chemicals, no palm oil, no spermicides, and no flavours or fragrances making them as natural as possible. Better for you, for the planet and for your hoo-ha! 


Moxie Moon Cup

Forget the cool packaging and the empowering advertisements. What the heck is in your tampon? Our vaginal walls are super permeable, which means if (this is a very contentious issue) there is any chemical residue leftover from the farming and processing of the cotton tampon you’re putting up there, it could enter your bloodstream. Which is as bad as it sounds for you. 

This is why sometimes it’s better to not use tampons at all. And we’re not talking about free bleeding either - but all the power to the amazing free bleeders out there. We’re talking about menstrual cups. Rather than using tampons to absorb your blood, why not collect it instead? You’d be lowering your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) as well as lowering your environmental footprint since these puppies are totally reusable. We recommend Moxie Moon Cups which are made free of BPA latex and plastic and made from the highest medical-grade silicone. 

Or, if that’s not your thang, Moxie has a range of organic tampons suited from light to heavy flows which are made without the use of any harsh chemicals, pesticides or fragrances. Plus they come in cute reusable tins, which both your vagina and the planet will love.

Mister Jones Health

Health isn’t limited to just your netherregions. We realise that overall health definitely affects the health of your vajayjay. We also realise that sometimes you might need an extra helping hand. Mister Jones is for all us ladies who might not always eat right, occasionally skip the gym or binge eat a whole bag of Smith’s savoury chips (YUM). 

Their high quality, vegan-friendly, gluten-free products are crafted by naturopaths in order to help womankind feel their best. The two types of supplements are sports-bra worthy supportive of our stress levels, energy levels, quality of sleep and skin health. And, since everything is made without dairy, MSG, soy, nuts, eggs, gluten, yeast, wheat, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, Mister Jones can help almost everyone live healthy, confident lives. 

Vee Underwear (Obvs)

Organic bamboo underwear really are your knickers in shining armour. Unlike cotton, bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and antifungal with exceptional moisture-wicking abilities. That means no matter how hot and sweaty you get at the gym, your bamboo undies will draw away moisture making sure you vajayjay is temperature-regulated, preventing any bad bacteria that thrive in warm, moist areas.

And because Vee bamboo is grown without any insecticides or pesticides, there are no toxic chemicals getting up close and personal with your lady bits. If you’d like to keep your hoo-ha healthy, happy and ventilated, shop Vee’s organic bamboo underwear here

While these products might not be as exciting or tempting as that $400 vaginal resculpting gel, they are a lot more safe and wholesome and have your downstairs health in front of mind.

Hoorah for hoo-ha health!