Why Vee is the best travel partner you could ask for

Why Vee is the best travel partner you could ask for

Because we all know you want to get into our pants again. 

A decent travel partner can make or break your trip. They’ll keep you sane on long bus rides, make sure you sunscreen those hard to reach places and be your ultimate woo girl on nights out. So it’s important to pick the right person to travel with or you run the risk of thinking maybe it would’ve been better to stick it out in Australian winter… NOT!

 And while we can’t tell you who to travel with, we can introduce you to your new best friend on the road, Vee Underwear. We’ve got your back and your bits covered for every step of your European holiday. 

 Here are a few reasons why Vee is the best friend you wish you had on holiday.

Forget Valium; pack Vee on your next flight

 If you hate flying, we’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeves to make those multiple legs bearable: Bamboo underwear. 

 Think we’re joking? Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, and with the lack of humidity on the plane (and all those cups of complimentary red wine), your skin will be drying out faster than your bank account once you realise that Euro exchange rate. Bamboo also helps your bits breathe, and this ventilation will keep you feeling fresh, even at 37,000 feet. 

Make sure you pack enough Vee to keep you feeling fresh on planes, trains and buses. With our 5 for $100 bundle deal, we’ll even keep you cool on the more unexpected modes of transport...



Beat the heat with Vee

 Unlike some travel partners, we won’t leave you high and dry for that French fling, but we will keep you dry. 

 European summer can be a brutal shock to the system after slogging through winter. And while we fully support any and all Montenegrin beach vacations, we do know that things are going to be getting a little steamy down there during all those free walking tours. We’ll save you the discomfort. Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking, making it kind of like a cool breeze for your vagina on days it needs it most. This ventilation system will whisk sweat away and keep any nasty odours at bay much better than cotton or synthetic alternatives.  

Comfort is King Queen

While bamboo fabric has many health benefits for your hoo-ha, we don’t want to overlook one of the most important aspects: Comfort! Our super comfortable fabric is that hug your vagina has been looking for. But, if you’re after a different kind of hug…. your Vee undies will take you from day to night with its ass-entuating designs. So there’s no need to be embarrassed if you run into that dreamboat on Sail Croatia and don’t have time to grab that lacy number, which lets be honest, screams thrush.   

Because they’re super lightweight, you can easily shove them into your bag and, as a bonus, they’ll dry fast and look stylish hanging up over your bunk bed. Talk about undie envy. 

 Europe is about creating memories, not worrying about funky odours, sweaty downstairs departments and getting caught in your granny panties by the boy you fancy. 

Vee will keep you feeling effortlessly beautiful and confident on your next vacation so you can worry about the fun stuff. Leave the health of your hoo-ha to us.

Happy travels