Gstring Rules to Live by for a Healthy Vagina

Vee gstring and white singlet lying on a bed

Here at Vee, we love a good Gstring, but it’s important to be selective.⁠

Since G-strings go inside your bottom, they can easily spread bacteria from your bum to your vagina. Besides the initial ‘yuck’ reaction, this increases your risk of UTIs, yeast infections and vaginal irritation ten-fold.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing an everyday Gstring to keep your hoo-ha free from thriving bacteria. 

1. Gstring Style

It’s important when shopping for Gstring's, that you consider how subtle the actual string should be. Yes, we know the point of a Gstring is to subtly sit between your cheeks, but there’s a fine line (literally) between a sexy string and creating a highway for back-end bacteria to travel to your vagina. Yup that’s right, that ‘sexy’ string at the back of your gee can be a fast track ticket for bacteria such as e.coli to travel from your bottom to your vagina. Besides being a bit eww, this bacterial transfer can lead to an increased risk of yeast and UTI infections, along with general vaginal irritation. That is why Vee has designed their bamboo Gstring with just the right amount of... string... to ensure you no VPL, whilst also keeping your hoo-ha healthy. 

2. Gstring Fabric

Most Gstring's are made from synthetic fabrics which are not breathable or moisture-wicking, creating a warm and moist environment ideal for bacteria to thrive.  The best way to nip the risk of bacterial build-up in the butt, is to opt for organic bamboo underwear. Bamboo fabric is naturally 3x more breathable than cotton, but also has antibacterial properties which will help to fight off any back-end bacteria.

Bacteria also thrives in warm places, so when your favourite combo, a Gstring + a workout is paired, the risk of bacteria build-up is increased ten-fold. If a Gstring is your go-to underwear when working out, then opt for a Bamboo Gstring whenever possible. Bamboo is 4x more moisture-wicking than cotton, making them the best undies to wear while working out. While you’re off sweating, your undies are doing double duty: Fighting off bacteria, while also whisking away excess sweat and moisture, leaving you feeling fresh and free from bad bacteria.  

3. Gstring Sizing

Thongs are a great way to avoid VPL, but it's really important to rock the right size Gstring. If your itsy bitsy Gstring is too small, you’ll feel the pinch and get dreaded digging-in. But if you choose a bigger size, it’ll swim too far up your bottom making it easier to transfer that bacteria from back to front... plus you’ll most likely spend your time fishing out wedgies. Not fun.

A perfect fit is when the strings sit properly along your hip bones and down your cheeks without too much riding in words. Check out Vee's perfectly designed bamboo Gstring here. 

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