Literally, WHY are there bleach patches in my underwear?

Literally, WHY are there bleach patches in my underwear?

Have you ever pulled your undies from the wash only to find white bleach-like stains in the crotch? Seriously, though. WHAT GIVES?

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not your washing skills (or lack thereof), and there’s nothing wrong with your underwear. It's super common, and it actually comes down to one thing: discharge.

Yep. Your discharge (cervical mucus) is the culprit behind your bleached underwear —a topic we’ve honed in on in great detail over here for some second tab reading. 

Those bleached undies — however frustrating — are actually totally normal. But, there are also a few tips and tricks for minimising the amount of knickers turnover we’re generating due to stains. Because we’re not about waste at Vee HQ, we thought we'd conduct a little lesson on WTF is going on in our undies, and how to navigate the discolouration of your go-to pair.

Basically, as your vagina’s discharge is a little more on the acidic end of the pH scale it can react with the fabric + laundry detergents when washing your underwear, leaving bleach-like stains. If your vagina's PH level is more acidic than it needs to be, the chances for bleached underwear increases. Have no idea wtf a pH scale is? Read this blog about getting your vagina’s pH balance in check.

How to stop your vagina discharge from bleaching your underwear?

Beyond keeping your vagina's PH level as balances as possible, there is really nothing you can do to stop your discharge from bleaching your underwear, as discharge is a very important bodily function. 

BUT as your discharge changes through your menstrual cycle, you might find your discharge bleaches your underwear more at certain stages in your cycle. If it’s an issue for you and your favourite undies, try popping on a liner during this phase in your cycle. Our fabulous High-Waisted Vee Underwear plays well with liners, with enough surface area to firmly hold that protective layer in place. And if you’re looking to brush up on more nuanced on how your vaginal discharge changes throughout your cycle, may we point you in the direction of this informative little read.

If all else fails, you could, y'know, just really get on board the whole tie-dye thing. It suits you. And this isn’t going to harm you in any way, shape or form. 

BONUS what NOT to do: Use a tampon to stop the discharge from ruining your undies. Why? We know it might be tempting, but using a tampon for anything else other than your period creates a higher risk of a bacterial infection. This is because bacteria already favour the vagina due to its dark, cavernous, warm, moist environment which they thrive in. When you add a tampon into the mix, bacteria have a new place to grow, causing an in-balance. 

If you're concerned about the discolouration or stains in your underwear or pH levels, it’s always best to chat with your GP or gynaecologist for peace of mind and clarity. They see a lot of vaginas on the daily, we promise.