4 Tips for Riding the Crimson Wave on Summer Vacay

4 Tips for Riding the Crimson Wave on Summer Vacay

Travelling with your period has never been easier with these tips from Vee. 

Aunt Flo always seems to make an unexpected house call. This is especially true the second your about to leave for your Summer Vacay. Don’t get caught painting the barn door red or surfing the crimson tide as you jet off. Here are Vee’s top tips for holidaying with your period. 

 1. Pack A Period Survival Kit

  • As you pack your bags, a period survival kit might not be the first thing on your mind, but it could be your lifesaver in sticky situations. Vee recommends these period must-haves:
  • Hand sanitiser and pH-balanced wipes for that fresh feeling, whether you're on a flight, a long bus ride, or stuck with a horror-movie-grade public toilet. And what if the said toilet lacks a trash bin? Pack disposable, eco-friendly bags to ace your on-the-road period management.

  • Arm yourself with pain relief: Nurofen, ibuprofen, paracetamol, or your go-to painkiller for that time of the month. And don't forget to stash your favorite tea, providing both an emotional lift and a physical one. For those robust cramps, consider reusable heat pads, ideal for long-haul flights or soothing back and abdomen pain.

  • For insurance against mishaps, slip a spare pair of Vee Underwear into your handbag. Compact and ready for any menstrual emergency.

     2. Vee's Flying Tips for Your Period:

    • Pack your period survival kit in your carry-on.

    • Opt for loose, comfy attire to ease cramps. Think yoga pants, airy linen pants, or maxi dresses—stylish and period-friendly.

    • Skip the hassle in the window seat. Choose an aisle seat to spare yourself the 50-time shuffle that annoys fellow row-mates. Most airlines allow seat selection at a reasonable cost. You'll enjoy freedom for those necessary bathroom escapes and pain-relieving aisle walks.

    • Travel in your Vee Underwear. Thanks to bamboo's breathability, you'll stay fresh throughout the journey—even while flowing!

    • Note: Air pressure changes can affect flow intensity. It might be lighter up high, but heavier upon landing. Stay prepared with extra undies, tampons, or a fresh menstrual cup.

     3. Period-Approved Snacking:

    When those period cravings hit, be it for salt or sweets, preparedness is key. Have your preferred snacks on hand. If you're seeking transportable, wholesome options, give Food Period a shot. These snacks promote hormonal health, aiding in symptom relief and cycle regulation.

     4. Stay Active on the Go:

    Even on a tranquil beach escape where the gym isn't on your radar, a dose of exercise could be your ticket to relief. Yoga, running, or any activity that gets your blood pumping can alleviate menstrual symptoms and boost your mood. Not a fan of running? How about joining a free walking tour one morning?

    Vee Tip: Don't forget the power of orgasms. They're natural painkillers (thanks to endorphins) and can actually shorten your period by hastening the process. A win-win!

     Have fun!

    Perhaps the most crucial advice: don't let your period rain on your parade. While getting your period before or during your trip might seem like a downer, remember that women have embraced adventure for ages, unperturbed by nature's timing. The best way to dismiss Aunt Flo is to dive into activities that make you happy. Whether it's a walking tour, lively drinking games, or a coffee shop visit, your unique period rituals can blend seamlessly with your journey.

     Got a hot tip for travelling with your period? Let us know.

    Safe travels xx