4 Tips for riding the crimson wave on Summer vacay

4 Tips for riding the crimson wave on Summer vacay

Travelling with your period has never been easier with these tips from Vee. 

Aunt Flo always seems to make an unexpected house call. This is especially true the second your about to leave for your Summer Vacay. Don’t get caught painting the barn door red or surfing the crimson tide as you jet off. Here are Vee’s top tips for holidaying with your period. 

 1. Pack a Period Survival Kit

 While packing your bags, a period kit might not be at the top of your list, but it will help save you from some sticky situations. Vee recommends the following period necessities.

 Hand sanitizer and PH balanced wipes will help keep you feeling fresh, whether you’re flying, travelling on a long-distance bus or find yourself using a public toilet straight out of a horror movie. And what if there’s no bin in said toilet? Taking a pack of disposable, environmentally friendly bags will make you the master of your period on the road. 

 For pain management, load up on Nurofen, ibuprofen, paracetamol or whichever time of the month painkillers you prefer. Make sure you pack your favourite tea for those nights you need an emotional boost as well as a physical one. If your cramps require a bit more support, consider packing reusable heat pads. They’re a great way to relieve pain in your back or abdomen, especially if you’re on a long-distance flight.

 Finally, it’s always smart to pack a spare pair of Vee undies in case disaster strikes. Fold them up small and keep them in your handbag for any emergency situations. 

 2. Vee Tips for flying on your period:

-    Pack your period survival kit in your carry-on.

-    Wear loose, comfortable clothes to avoid constriction if you’re cramping. Don your yoga pants, loose linen pants or maxi dresses. Stylish and period-friendly.

-    Don’t be THAT PERSON in the window seat who gets up 50 times and disturbs the other passengers in your row. Book an aisle seat instead. Most airlines will let you choose your seat for an affordable price. That way, you’ll have the freedom to duck away to the toilet as needed as well as relieve cramps by walking up and down the aisle.

- Wear your Vee Underwear for the journey. Because of bamboo fabric’s breathability, it’ll help you stay fresh for the whole journey - even while you’re bleeding!

-    Remember: Air pressure changes depending on height. If you’re high up, your flow will be lighter, but when you land, it’ll get heavier. Be prepared with extra undies, tampons or a fresh menstrual cup. 

 3. Period-friendly snacks

 Whether you crave salt or sweets, period cravings can come on in an instant. It’s always good to be prepared with your preferred nibbles. If you’re after healthy, transportable snacks that are good for you on your period, try Food Period. These are snacks aimed at promoting good hormonal health, helping to calm period-related symptoms and regulate your cycle. 

 4. Stay active on the road

 Planning a relaxing beach vacation where your gym membership is the last thing on your mind? While we fully support your mission to get a tan (please slip, slop, slap), if you’re on your period, sometimes exercise could be just what the doctor ordered. Yoga, running or anything that gets the blood flowing is a fantastic way to relieve menstrual symptoms as well as making you feel great. Don’t want to run? How about sign-up for a free walking tour one morning. 

 Vee Tip: Ladies, this also includes orgasms. It’s proven that the Big O is both a natural painkiller (thank you endorphins!) and those contractions can actually shorten the length of your period by pushing everything out faster. Win-win?

 Have fun!

 This might be our most important tip. Getting your period either right before or during your trip could feel like a massive downer, especially when it comes out of the blue. But women have been getting their periods for millennia and it hasn’t stopped any of us from being adventurous, extroverted and owning any situation that comes at us. The best way to forget about Mother Nature is to distract yourself and do what makes you happy. Go on that walking tour if you feel like it. Or get down with the nightly drinking games. Maybe you’re feeling a café and coffee, that’s great too. Everyone has their own unique period rituals. 

 Got a hot tip for travelling with your period? Let us know.

Safe travels xx






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