e-Gift Card

e-Gift Card

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Boundaries are important, that’s why we made gift cards. You set the limit, your pal has fun within it. 

Ah bacteria, the gift no booty wants. Lucky for you, our antibacterial underwear stops it in its tracks and now you can help your friend to feel the same level of smug relief as you. 

With flexible sizing and super soft bamboo fabric, your pal will feel as good as naked, and you’ll feel as happy as their hoo-ha.

  1. Select the e-Gift Card dollar amount ($20, $50, $100, $150) you’d like to spoil your lucky recipient with a. And add to cart. 
  2. Add in a couple of pairs of Vee’s for yourself while your here, (it’d be rude not to).
  3. Proceed to check out and complete your purchase. 
  4. Ta-da! You’ll get an email from us in 1-5 mins containing our e-Gift Card number and a customisable message for your recipient. Send it off to your recipient and crack open a bottle - you deserve it.

Want a hard copy instead? There is also the option to simply print off the e-Gift Card, and pop it in your envelope of choice. 

Got more questions? We give a FAQ about them. Find more answers here:

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