Size Guide

Finding your fit is fool-proof, finally. We've designed our undies to be as true to size as womanly possible.

Go for your most common, feel-good, pant size. So, if you're usually a size 12 in pants/jeans, you should be a size 12 in Vee Underwear. But always good to double-check against this clever little size chart.

Our bamboo baddies come in sizes 6 to 26. It's our mission at Vee to be as inclusive as possible, crafting breathable, moisture-wicking, bamboo undies that can be flex and well-fitting on a diverse mix of bodies. If you’ve been searching for a reliable and really, really cute underwear brand that does good (while looking good), consider us your number 1 option.

How Do Your Undies Sit?

We’re all about putting women’s health, comfort, and cuteness at the forefront of our designs. So, you might find that our undies sit in a looser and softer fashion than some other brands, butt we do this on purpose.

Here’s why: Tight seams trap heat and moisture in, creating the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish (which can lead to thrush and other nasties like UTI’s).

As a brand that places hoo-ha health as our #1 priority, we design for optimal ventilation and breathability. A soft seam is a feature that helps with exactly that! Tight seams also lead to unwanted knickers-induced irritations like red marks, ingrown hairs, chafing, and VPL. Not everyone is prone to these things, but we’ve purposefully built Vee’s undies to sit flat and soft on the body for ultimate care and comfort.

Our Styles

We currently offer five styles for you to choose from in our breathable bamboo material. We have something for everyone, ranging from the gstring to the high-waisted. Unsure? Get to know our styles a bit better here:

Bamboo Bikini

Our Bikini style is our most popular. It features a mid-to-low-rise waistband and a narrower side seam compared to the Boyleg style. The higher-cut leg openings create a flattering, elongated leg look, offering moderate coverage for the bum.

Bamboo Cheeky

Our Cheeky style is our second most popular. It features a mid-to-low-rise waistband like the Bikini but offers a cheeky bum with minimal coverage to stay invisible under clothing and avoid fabric bunching.

Bamboo Gstring

Our Gstring style is a favourite for minimal coverage. It features a low-rise waistband and a barely-there back, ensuring no visible panty lines under any outfit. Perfect for achieving a seamless look and avoiding fabric bunching.

Bamboo Boyleg

Our Boyleg style provides full coverage for your bum and hips, with a wider side seam compared to the Bikini style. Unlike the High-Waisted style, the Boyleg sits low-rise on your hips.

Bamboo High-Waisted 

Our High-Waist style offers extra coverage around your tummy and bum. They are designed with a high-cut leg and elongate your legs for a flattering fit. These full-brief underwear are as comfortable as granny panties but look stylish and modern.

How To Find Your Fit

If you have your waist and hip measurements handy, jump right down to our size guide to find your perfect size. Otherwise use this nifty little guide to find your correct hip and waist measurements.

Size Guide

It's always a good idea to double-check against our size guide if you are unsure. If buying the Bikini, Boyleg, Gstring or Cheeky-Cut, the 'HIP' measurement is what you should go off. And if you’re eyeing up the High-Waisted style, we'd recommend matching the size closest to both your HIP and WAIST measurements.


In-between two sizes? If you like your underwear loose-fitting, go for the size up. And if you like your underwear firmer fitting, size down!


Still Unsure?

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