Forget Work/Life Balance. Focus On Vagina Balance. 

Forget Work/Life Balance. Focus On Vagina Balance. 
Work/life balance is not a healthy goal. So there you go, I said it.
As Mia Freedman says “the word ‘balance’ is like the new thigh gap, every woman is striving for it.”

At a time when women are working longer hours than ever before, we have chosen to benchmark work/life balance as the pinnacle of success. Why? I have no idea.

So... we are challenging you to forget work/life balance, and focus on the things in life which are easily balanced: your vagina.

Your vagina is made up of an ecosystem of about 100-million good bacteria and vaginal cells that all work together to keep your hoo-ha healthier and happier. 

But, whilst your vagina is self-balancing, certain things can throw the balance of good bacteria out of whack. This is when you might experience that unpleasant feeling that perhaps something isn’t quite right down there. Whether it’s a bout of thrush, an unexpected UTI, an irritating itch or that dreaded damp patch.

But the good news is that there are a few simple things you can do - which don't include a New Years resolution - to maintain a balanced vagina and avoid that horrid feeling. 

Here are 4 things to avoid that commonly cause vaginal bacteria imbalances: 

1. Consuming antibiotics

    Although antibiotics are meant to get rid of any bad bacteria that may be causing harm in your greater body, they also eradicate the good bacteria - of which your vag has many. It’s important to take a probiotic when you’re on a course of antibiotics to help reduce the threat of a thrush outbreak.

    2. Women interfering with the vaginal self-clean cycle

    This is a big fat NONO. Your vagina can fend for itself. Never use soaps - even unscented hypoallergenic ones - body washes or any form of washing liquid. If you get all up in its space, it can cause a real catastrophe! 

    3. Nice smelling stuff

      Although it makes your clothes smell fantastic, perfumed laundry detergent can wreak havoc in your vagina, along with spray perfume or other scented fabric softeners. Your vagina should naturally eliminates odours so if you’re noticing a reoccurring, different smell, it could be worth a trip to your gyno or doctor.

      4. Moisture

        We’ve gone into this in-depth in a previous blog (here) but excessive moisture from sweat, bathers, semen, period blood or even tight undies can promote a bacterial imbalance in your vagina.

        This is where Vee comes in. Our line of bamboo underwear is naturally antibacterial and breathable. Any moisture or bad bacteria that tries to get into your body through the vaginal passage will be stopped in its tracks! Vee is a simple solution for an age old problem. We make bamboo underwear designs that are comfortable (not too tight) and are a good balance between practical and pretty.

        Keep that hoo-ha happy ladies,