Vagina Mythbusting: 6 Common Beliefs Corrected

Vagina Mythbusting: 6 Common Beliefs Corrected

For generations, vaginas have been a great source of mystery - and not just for men. Even though the vagina is a standard bodily organ for all people born female, many women harbour a ton of misconceptions about their downstairs department. At Vee, we are all about breaking the taboos around vagina talk, so we’ve taken a closer look at six of the most common myths surrounding the vagina. 

Myth: You can see your vagina

Truth: Think again! Your vagina is actually an internal organ. The parts on the outside, aka the parts you can see, are the parts that make up the vulva. These include your labia minora, labia majora (your lips), the mons pubis, clitoris and the perineum - none of which are the vagina just FYI. Here’s a diagram for all the visual learners like me... because lets be honest, those words are hard to pronounce let alone remember. 

Myth: If it doesn’t smell like roses, it’s dirty

Truth: It’s tres normal for slight smells to come a-knocking from downstairs. Your vagina is a self-cleaning, self-sustaining organ. It does not need extra scented body washes and PH scrubs to make it smell fresh. Not only is using soaps and scents not good for your vagina by upsetting its natural PH balancing abilities, it’s not good for your confidence. If you are concerned with scent, choose underwear fabric this is breathable and odour-resistant like bamboo. 

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Myth: You pee out of your vagina

Truth: We’re going to stop you right there with another nope. Refer to diagram above. See ‘Urethra’? That’s where you pee. Which coincidentally is a totally seperate hole from your vaginal entrance. Again, your vagina and your vulva are two beautiful and different things. Learn it. Know it. Own it.

Myth: Discharge automatically means something is wrong

Truth: While not always a pleasant subject to talk about, discharge is a completely normal process in your menstrual cycle. Here’s a general rule: If it’s white or clear, you’re in the clear. If your discharge is green-tinged, brown-tinged or bloody, contact your doctor as it could be something not-so-pleasant. You can read more about different types of discharge here. 


Myth: If you have heaps of sex, your vagina will stretch out

Truth: Who thought of these? Our guess is it came about with the purpose of shaming women from engaging in sexual activity. Ladies, rest assured, you’re hoo-ha won’t resemble a hot dog in a hallway after prolonged periods of sexy time. Your vagina is highly elastic and accommodating. If you’re worried, add a couple of kegel exercises to your day. 

Myth: Your vagina should look a certain way

Truth: Just like people, labias comes in all different shapes and sizes, and each one is beautiful and unique. More importantly, they’re all NORMAL. There is no such thing as the perfect vagina and Vee encourages you to love yourself and your hoo-ha, no matter what. 


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