Honesty Policy: new prices, new practices, same ethical values.

Hey Vee-IP’s,

Vee’s Founder Emma here. 

We’re interrupting your regular programming to share some important news from Vee — news that we think should be delivered honestly.

We’re a brand built on transparency, which is why we are terrible at telling lies and great at telling you how bad a case of thrush can be in perfect details.

Last year heavily impacted the manufacturing industry, so as a small business, we’ve had to make some tough (read: expensive) decisions in the pursuit of continuing to run an ethical and sustainable business that brings you the best.

Instead of taking the cheaper and tackier route, we’ve made the decision to increase our product price to $24.00. 

We made this lofty decision to avoid compromising on our product quality, values, staff, this planet, and your hoo-ha’s happiness. Bittersweet? Yeah. But for the best? Absolutely.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this decision, don’t you worry — we still have bundles with savvy savings.

Our NEW bundle offers include...

3 FOR $65 (Save $7)

5 FOR $100 (Save $20) + FREESHIPPING

8 FOR $160 (Save $32) + FREESHIPPING

12 FOR $240 (Save $48) + FREESHIPPING

Springing this price increase on you with no word of warning would be rude, so we wanted to give you an opportunity to stock up at the current $19.95 price for the next 3 days. That’s a few more days of Vee-restocking, baby. The new pricing will come into effect on Saturday 27.11.2021. 

Okay, so tell me more about WHY the price increase?

1. To continue operating a committed-to-sustainability biz:

In true Greta Thunberg spirit, we’re always striving to reduce our environmental impact. But alas, we are not her, and there is naturally always room for improvement throughout the Vee supply chain. We have completely overhauled all of our internal packaging to bring you compostable (and still cute) materials, double-checking all of our suppliers are following suit.

2. Continue to provide unwaveringly ethical working conditions: 

It’s no surprise that the royal ~shitshow~ of 2020 prompted our suppliers to increase the price of their materials and trims. Rightly so. And pushing back on this would only see cost cuts in their labour force, triggering a domino effect of redundancies, increased work hours, pay decreases, and other unethical workplace practices. We simply can’t have that. We’re covering additional costs for materials and trims to ensure we can keep our factory staff employed in ethical working conditions. That’s money well spent in our eyes. 

3. Improve our quality & consistency issues:

There’s no denying we’ve had our share of product quality hiccups, but luckily with only a small percentage of our product. If you have been on the receiving end of that product and have not got in touch, for the love of vaginas, tell us! We’ve been pouring all our resources into rectifying these bumps over the past 12 months. And we’re pretty stoked (also bloody relieved) to tell you we’ve cracked the code. We’re proud as punch of where our product quality is at.

Here’s what we’ve invested in to minimise the issues we (and you) have occasionally found in our original product:

  • Invested in new machinery, so that seams joining the fabric and lace don’t come undone. Aka, better longevity of Vee’s.
  • Invested in a premium waistband to ensure absolutely no fraying, ever. 
  • Started making all of our fabric from scratch in-house to maintain a consistent fabric weight. So, now we provide our soft premium bamboo fabric with full control over the weight consistency. Nice.
  • Perfected our fit for all styles. We’ve been tweaking and testing each design and garnering honest customer feedback over the past 12 months. 
  • Removed the bulky seam from the front crotch of the G String, minimising any uncomfy feels.  
  • And after feedback that flaps were flying left, right and centre, we’ve slightly widened the G String and Boyleg crotch coverage, so your bits are always supported. Superb.

There’s a LOT that goes on behind the scenes in a small biz, and we hope that this wasn’t TMI or confusing. Hopefully, you are on board with these decisions and will stick with us as you do a faithful G String. We’ll be here — growing, learning, and ultimately delivering women great underwear for a healthier, happier hoo-ha. 

If you'd like to stock-up at the current pricing, get in before the price increase comes into action on Saturday 27.11.2021. 

Gimme, gimme. 

Hugs & Knickers,

Em x