Master those menstruation feels to be confident AF

Master those menstruation feels to be confident AF

Periods take us through the motions alright, but have you ever stopped to think about how your cycle might play a role in your life beyond that monthly ‘what am I doing with my life’ dilemma and delicious Ben & Jerry’s binge? 

As much as we HATE when guys blame our mood swings on our periods, there could be a grain of truth to it. However, it goes much deeper than just a shift in mood. 

Continuing Vee’s ‘moon cup half full’ approach to periods (they are a blessing in disguise remember), we can take what is often thought of as a negative symptom (mood swings = crazy, cramps = low energy, bloating = low confidence) and use it to our advantage! We’re empowering ourselves to be the master of our menstruation feels to have more confidence in our work, social life and body positivity. To make things simple, let’s break up our cycle into the four distinct weather seasons. 

Winter: Rest, reflection and menstruation (Day 1 - 6)

The beginning of your menstrual cycle is considered winter. Your hormones are at the lowest and as such, your energy is too. You may find yourself feeling sluggish, or craving some much needed alone time. Many of us girls crawl into bed for a Netflix binge. But instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we should harness our emotions and creativity as it is a prime time for insightful inner dialogue. 

Tips for Work + Play 

While you might not want to partake in group discussions or go on a date with someone new, this is the best stage to reflect on your ideas. Creativity sometimes requires a bit of space, and with your heightened levels of insight, it’s the best week to schedule in some time for planning, ideation and reflection to be able to connect with yourself. #namaste 

Spring: Flirty and thriving (Day 7 - 13)

Once your period ends and you enter the follicular phase, you’ll notice a steep increase in your energy levels, your brain functions like spatial awareness (no really!) and your libido, heeeey oh! The increase in estrogen makes your skin look better, which is a great confidence booster after feeling bloated and crampy during your period. Overall, you feel energetic and extroverted and are ready to take on any challenge full speed ahead. 

Tips for Work + Play

This translates well at work. Spring is the time to take life by the balls. Take risks. Get started on those creatives ideas you had during winter and embrace that internal fire you’ve got bubbling inside you. It’s the perfect time to plan your meetings, start new projects and solve problems. It’s also time to ramp up your social life. Say hello to Friday drinks and the cute new guy. #getitgirl

Summer: Confident goddess (Day 14 - 20)

Summer is your season. You’re ovulating, which means Estrogen and Testosterone are peaking, sending your brain all the energy needed to wash your hair more than once this week. Now is when you are feeling the most attractive due to your skin glowing (thank you hormones), your nails are at their strongest and your hair is looking extra thick. Your confidence is beaming and in summer, so are you! 

Tips for Work + Play

It’s time to play to your confidence. Your social skills, as well as your senses, are heightened, making it the prime time to nail job interviews, ask for a performance review, network your face off and plan ahead. It’s also a good time to receive critical feedback on projects or presentations as any creative anxieties or nerves aren’t showing up to your party today. That translates well into dating and social life. During summer, your sexual appetite is strong and you may find yourself going harder at Bumble than usual. #livingyourbestlife

Autumn: Self-critic (Day 21 - 28)

The last week before your period starts, Estrogen and Testosterone will begin to decline and Progesterone levels will rise (come baaaaack!). You may find yourself winding down, becoming more introverted as you draw closer to winter and menstruation. Alas, what goes up, must come down. Be aware, your confidence levels will droop in this phase as your body starts to bloat and cramp and those pesky, negative thoughts may push out any lingering summer afterglow. BUT, we all need a little RnR time, especially after a week of smashing work presentations during the day and Bumble dates at night. It’s important to set aside time for yourself to #restandrecover

Tips for Work + Play

This is the time to edit and hone in on your work. Your self-critical thoughts will do well to pick apart any nuances. Although, sometimes it’s too easy to let your internal self-critic destroy your confidence and undervalue your contributions, remember to turn your negative thoughts into constructive feedback. Instead of thinking your work is shit, you can think about how you can make it better. That way, you’ll be able to effectively use your critical self and smash out your best work, boosting your confidence at work or home. Otherwise, finish up any admin like bookkeeping or other introverted tasks as you get closer to your winter hibernation. #positivevibesonly

Women are admirably complex beings. While we still have much to learn about our hormones, knowing that our bodies go through these four ‘seasons’ every month will empower us to own our bodies, our confidence and be more empathetic with ourselves.

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Go get em girl!




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