5 Feel-Good Things To Do In Isolation

5 Feel-Good Things To Do In Isolation

Welcome to the weird world of self-isolation. While the sun may be shining, the birds may be chirping, and the bar across the road still has their rose all day sign left out, there will be no wine time with the gals today, unless it's via Facetime, Zoom or House Party. 

We know the last few weeks have been a crazy ride, and it’s hard not to feel dispirited knowing there’s currently no end in sight. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve spent way too much time Googling: both “coronavirus symptoms” and “coronavirus memes” over the past week. So, to take your mind off that yucky ‘C’ word, Vee’s compiled a list of 5 feel-good activities to help lift your spirits and pass some time. 

1. Binge on the ‘It’ Netflix Series

It is proven - at least in our minds - that there is no better combination than a Netflix series and Lindt 70% Salted Caramel Chocolate (Antioxidants, duh!). It seems the whole world is distracted by Netflix’s bizarre docu-series Tiger King which rolls Fat Pizza, Summer Heights High and Don’t Fuck With Cats all into one roaring good time. Excuse our purrrrfectly placed pun. Otherwise you could always go back and watch Gossip Girl or The OC from the beginning - heaven. Paired with our boujee’ salted staple - we can guarantee it’ll make you feel 10% happier. Buy it online here. 

2. Pantry #Goals

You’ve probably cleared most of the pantry out because of emergency stress snacking, but if you’re looking to prioritise your nuts and chocolates and make them easily accessible, we’ve got a task for you! It’s time to load up on pantry organisers and dive deep into the recesses of your stockpile. 

Having a task that requires you to get up and move around will do wonders for your mental health and help to take your mind off of Corona (bonus: you can set yourself a goal to finish organising before the next episode of Tiger King, or GG, or OC). 

When you’re done, you’ll be so into your new pantry you’ll be topping up your jars at Bulk Foods and saving the planet in no time. 

Not to mention the Instagram #pantrygoals image you can show off at the end, because let’s be honest, content options are at an all-time LOW. 

To get you started, here are some super budget-friendly pantry options, including custom labels from labeld as well as staple jars from the Kmart selection

3. Vision Board Life After Iso 

Self-care practices like crafts are a fun and effortless way to kickstart your creative brain and take your mind off the doom and gloom. Take vision boards. A vision board is a space that displays where you want to go in life. It’s a fun way to showcase your goals and aspirations by combining your elementary collage skills with your adult desire for self-betterment. You’re supposed to hang it in a place you see every day in order to subconsciously work towards manifesting those goals. It’s something old intellectuals like to call a manifest destiny. 🤓

We’re envisioning a world without coronavirus where everyone is outside, frolicking happily in their Vee underwear. What a dream… but that’s our vision board. What’s on yours? You can use this period to relax and focus on manifesting your ideal life after the pandemic. So hone in on your goals and dreams and zone out on your current feelings of isolation. 

4.  Top Drawer Take Down

You’ve already pounded your pantry into organized submission, and now you’re on an unstoppable blitz. Marie Kondo would be so proud. Plus, sometimes getting rid of things can be just the change you need in your unchanging environment. Cosmo says it releases endorphins, so it must be true. But even if it doesn’t, de-cluttering possessions helps de-clutter your mind. 

Let’s all take a moment to focus on making yourself feel good with the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night: your underwear! 

We all know this drawer tends to get a little unruly, and the thought of tackling it might make you start to sweat. But if you’re wearing Vee, the breathable bamboo fabric will keep you calm, cool and collected as you put your undies back in order. 

To keep you comfy in this crisis Vee are offering FREE shipping on all orders. Better yet, bundle 5 for $100 and keep your hoo-ha happy. Shh… we’re manifesting our vision board. 

So breathe, and watch this soothing video of Marie Kondo folding underwear like the goddess she is.


5.  Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

When was the last time you cleaned up your phone’s photo library? All those screenshots of this, that and the - oh shit! Is that a photo of your ex? Tuck in and take a trip scroll through memory lane. If photos of Golden Plains 2016 don’t make you smile, then you’re in serious need of another Lindt session. You can relive the magic and share it with others by making a digital album using free, online programs like MyAlbum or turn them into a beautiful album with Artifact Uprising. Because if you can’t go outside, at least you can remember when you used to. 

Or, if you have physical photos lying in every drawer of the house you can get a lush album from TDE, a funky album from FallnDesign or a classic album from Myer and organise the perfect coffee table book to comfort you in between Netflix seasons. 

We know the coverage of coronavirus can be mentally draining, and at Vee, we love our ladies to be happy, healthy, and thriving. These self-care ideas are just a few to get you started in enjoying some R&R time, and not letting it swallow you whole. If you don’t want to clean your pantry, that’s A-OK, what we really want you to do is focus on things that make you feel good. Make a list of tasks that you enjoy in the best of time and use them to take your mind off what’s happening outside. We just want to lift your spirits as much as we’ve been lifting our bottles of rose. 

Take care of yourselves lovelies.







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